Wow!! I cannot hold up being bewildered, but sincerely this is really serious and interesting as well. Aisha Buhari is not a politician unless she is bidding to be one, whose card is she playing? Aisha has put her husband on the cross and equipped his teaming 15 million plus voters to fry him, what is her gain. Do not be deceived, this is not for you or your course, she is not stupid to put her marriage on the line unless she knows what exactly is in for her. Well, Aisha a modern, social, materialist, and stylish/beauty contemporary type, married to a Spartan leader, who has forbear to corruption and excesses and whom is about three decade older than she is, the disparity is so huge that these couple can only exist where there is no power attaché, or in a places where excesses and corruption are taboo. Buhari would be glad and happy to stay out his time in the villa, retire back home in Kaduna or Katsina broke, without any riches, only to count on the remaining days of his life and die peacefully. But would Aisha agree to that? Aisha a new comer into the spotlight, who some online and print media termed as the most wasteful and extravagant first lady in Nigerian politics, her taste in material supersede those of Diezani

Aisha knows exactly what she stand to gain or protect on this publicity stoned. Though I doubt, if Buhari can allow himself to put his wife across the firing line, that unless she is playing a direct Buhari script on this take, she is nothing but naive and inept in the world of politics, if Buhari felt differently, then fighting Buhari’s position politically cannot give her power but can earn her money, lots of them from Buhari’s saboteurs, disguising as friends, but money is just a devils advocacy. First let’s remember that of all Buhari’s family, only Zahra and her mom Aisha appreciate the paparazzi.

It is in the public domain that the kitchen cabinet of the Buhari administration has been moving swiftly in opposite of Buhari’s Spartan and anticorruption attitude, first with Mamman Daura, then to the Abba kyari/MTN saga, Aisha’s extravagancies and the recent upsurge in flamboyant lifestyle of Aisha’s side of the family. The question is, has Buhari figure out something fishy and decided to investigate further, maybe even took some action internally as a family issue but the more modernise Aisha, felt the other way and decided to fight back the position externally, especially knowing exactly the faith of the first wife and the fact that the more political, less military PMB will have to act with cautious if being put across his teaming supporters whom he had to lead by example. Because should Buhari sanctioned Aisha for any other reason which has not been made public before now, any biased mind would feel that she is telling the truth and she paid the price.

My take on this story was not to tell the reader exactly what went wrong but to open the mind of the reader into the art of conspiracy and he decide for himself on the unfolding event. There are so many open ended loops in the story. It is a fact that all she is saying might be true on the surface but when we go deep and connect ourselves to reality of it, we can only find that all she is saying are just misinformation and totally misleading, heating the ground just as the crops are beginning to uproot. Here I would try to digest all the points she is making and back them with some historical political facts. But first does she have the right to interfere into his personal business, discrediting him in the public domain? I try to picture the purpose behind the public outburst, all Aisha does was utter what was already in the public domain without giving out facts or naming the two or three people behind the power steer, but she agree with the reporter, trapping herself that those same name rumour about are the same people she is protesting against.

If as she righteously claimed, that some elder statesmen are always coming to advice the president on unfolding issues, why can’t Aisha Buhari channel her complains to these people and they can do the needful. These people are coming out as a group and individual to voice out their complaints or express there appreciations, but non express displeasure as Aisha does. Believe me if things are as sore as Aisha put them to be, believe it or not they would talk. But wait a minute, this man Buhari has warn Aisha and his other family members to stay away from any official engagements.

I have utmost respect for Buhari, my role model and the person I desire to be. I respect both his personal and leadership quality. I have respect for his family as much as I have on him, today Aisha is acting on a political front and politics is politics. Buhari is doing everything in his power to solve Nigeria’s problem strategically, impinging him with family crisis would only destabilise him both mentally and emotionally. Both Aisha and Buhari stand to win nothing out of this, but his distractors certainly will.

Let’s get to the facts. Leading a country like Nigeria in this globalisation era is not as so simple as she maybe portraying or as a layman would view it, stop corruption, build roads, do employment blah, blah, blah that’s all. The layman thought that Nigerian problem is PDP and that after defeating PDP in favour of Buhari; all the new leader has to do is strike his magic wand and fix all. But to think strategically, first freeing Nigeria is like freeing Africa from centuries of enslavement, freeing Nigeria from the shackle that is holding it at this present time, where every aspect of the nation unity has being balkanise and stretched beyond limit and the agencies and institutions that need to bring the country together were all rotten to the core. To carry out this task requires a lot of sacrifices, one has to sacrifice the sectors that were less important and focus on building institutions that form the basic platform of any free, secure society, a win-win situation.

For 31 year now Nigeria has been govern by a single status quo, one or two hiccups here and there but the status quo has always manage to stay afloat, until the coming of PMB. For all these years, laws were always made to serve the interest of the few, it is in Nigeria that you would get a person as guilty as hell, run to court with him but 10 years cannot deliver prosecution and by then all evidences are beginning to fade away and in all these years the culprit still enjoys his official responsibility.

Nigeria has four main problems which include the security, economy, corruption and governance itself (the constitution). Constitutionally the office of the vice president is in control of the economy, the economic team is in direct control of Osinbajo, previous presidents have been overlooking these provisions but Buhari a streak rule of law man is in no position to temper with that provision without the backing of the law. Though Buhari was making efforts to draft a bill entitle “Emergency Economic Stability Bill” to the national assembly but to all look of events, the decision was being prostrated somewhere along the line. So if anything is wrong with his position regarding the economic issue, it is the constitution or the vice president not PMB

So on whose regards is she trying to engage with some of the political officials whom are proving to be stubborn? Is Aisha trying to talk to some officials she has no right to talk to, the first lady so what? She has no official responsibility, her husband made the declaration and exonerate her of all of such duties, these officials ought to have known it’s the last thing her husband would have wanted, that is for anyone to grand her any official privileges, she walk with security and these officials ought to have been cautious and avoid her husband’s wrath. And recently it was in the public domain that Buhari had plead with the anticorruption bodies never to shy away from any corruption case involving any of his family members, I hope these anticorruption bodies do not lay their hands on something fishes and prove themselves to be stubborn or does the Spartan Buhari as believed, feels his wife excesses is skyrocketing over the roof and made some in-house sanctions, that Aisha, the ‘fisrtlady’ feels that was then.

I followed through the interview; there are two allegations, one remark and one conclusion. First, that about two or three people has taken power from Buhari and are steering his direction and secondly, was that 50 % of the original party faithful where neglected and about 45 % of those occupying the government positions are people both Aisha and Buhari do not know before the election. The remark was that if the voters are tired they can take action and her conclusion was that should things remain the way they are she will not support him come 2019. To mind Aisha, it is not in her husband interest that she was enrolled in the public scene, it is those two or three people she is accusing, if they exist, that feels the need to shake Buhari a bit and let him loosen up his grip and play the modern politics, this is one of the numerous sacrifices he has to make. If it were for him you “my wife belongs in my kitchen and the Livingroom and the other room” this is Buhari. The person of whom wife was glistering here and there is not him, it’s the merger man. So Buhari would welcome your position remaining at home 100 %. To further mind Aisha, not one who contested under the platform of the PDP in the entire North and Southwest were giving appointment in her husband’s government but for South-south and Southeast the constitution say they must be represented, up till today the APC is lacking heavyweight representation in that region. So who are those PDP members is Aisha talking about?

As far as I know Aisha Buhari is also a newcomer in the Buhari/APC team, from 2002 to 2015 Aisha Buhari was nowhere near any political and campaign activities. She is not in any form of politics (politics is not a secret underground event; it is a bold, public activity). It was after the primary election of APC that some quarters within the APC feels the need to readjust the Spartan Buhari and modernise him politically but even so his recent comment in Germany, after Aisha’s public outburst only express he is that same Buhari we use to know, of cause in company of one of the most powerful woman in today’s politics. Only now as more matured and as a leader whose followers have more believe in him, he cannot feed them with sore family issues, my bet; this is exactly what his wife is basing her rebellion upon. But Aisha knows, if it’s for Buhari, 100 % sure, he does not want you out there.

All over the world, groups, political parties with different ideology, believes and even demands come together to form a union with the aim of taking power, these union always comes with a lot of sacrifices that some section of power has to be shared, all countries that operates on multiparty system has to go through some power sharing agreement in other to take the government, today the UK, Germany, Israel, even Niger, to name a few, all are involve in some form of power sharing agreements. Buhari coming on his own, under the CPC cannot take Nigeria away from the ruling PDP, fortunately he is the only person who can out phase PDP politically at the polls, if given all the necessary support. To oust PDP at their game, he must have more regional players, heavyweight in their own background, if he has to deliver, a decision Buhari understands very well and everyone believes with him. Likely all across board, even some aggrieved PDP members feel the need to urgently take power away from Jonathan’s PDP. Well, there was a merger, agreements were made with groups of different ideology and the merger was successful in ousting PDP at top. All of these happened when Aisha was not a politician.

Although the position of these agreements before the merger was not made public, I am not in any of such meetings that leads to the merger, neither is Aisha whom is not in any public domain or politics as of then, but one cannot expect a group of capitalist politicians weighting their support to a more socialist Buhari without buying for what they though is negotiable before agreeing to get into the merger. Is Aisha a year old politician (if she is now, even Buhari don’t know which political party she belongs to, certainly not APC) telling Buhari to ignore any power shared agreement he might have had with any merging group that formed the APC? Of the four critical sectors of Nigerian power drive, Buhari is 100 % in charge of Governance, security and anticorruption sectors, thanks to the constitution, the office of the vice president was in charge of the economy, and I have the believe that these merging capitalist took the economic team which is chaired by the vice president constitutionally. I believe and Aisha would also believe with me, that Buhari do not know Osinbajo before the APC’s primaries. The new-PDP in conniving with their old colleges in the PDP whisk away the National Assembly leadership from the APC, helping in prostrating any national bill propose by the Buhari government. As of today, no bill aimed at strengthening the loopholes in the laws of the land, proposed by Buhari comes to light in the house nor made their budget public as desired by Buhari, all we hear are petty bills that made no relevance to the change mantra. My plea is,does Aisha knew all these or she has being busy shopping for publicity and glistering stones?

Please what is wrong? Who is in charge of what? If Aisha’s grievances are on the economy, Buhari’s concern is on owning Nigeria for Nigerians first, where liberty and freedom are assured, these by providing secured, corrupt free society where economic activities can be built upon. If the merger took the economy, so be it, we are all glad it worked. I cannot remember Aisha protesting who made the VP’s nomination! Everybody knows the economy is so bad, a useless policy by the CBN at the pick of depreciating revenue and foreign reserves leads to the free fall of the Naira, should Buhari sack Godwin Emefiele? We all cry foul play when Jonathan sack Sunusi Lamido, but Buhari the man of the rule of law, opt to have a justifiable reason else he sees out his tenue, but the national assembly can ask questions if they want to. So goes to all other officials on tenue bases, the president remain cautious in allowing hyper-politics play a role. I myself opted to have it other ways but Buhari feels the need to lead by example. Also knowing Buhari’s position on the nation’s economy and finances, I believe some quarters in the capitalist society are trying to cap in on the nation’s economic crises to pressure the government to sell the nation assets before the dust settle, people protested, so does Buhari. But as she said it in her words, she knows the first four years is not going to be easy, but security is 100 % handled, hunger is gone with the bumper harvest thanks to the government interventions, what more shall the ordinary man require, knowing he has food and would be secured of any terrorist or criminal destructions? To conclude with Aisha, by 2019, should Buhari decides otherwise, the voters would match in mass to the villa and plead with Buhari “please do not leave us yet”. And I hope Aisha never comes out again, it will do us all well including your husband.

Dear patriotic Nigerians, we ought to have known that this man Buhari is not a power mongered politician who took all work to the desk of the president, no. he call in politician or a technocrats and give them a goal to strike upon, it is up to him/her now to deliver or squander the role given, should you succeed, kudos. Should anything happen along the line or you fail, your funeral. This is your president.

We must be careful, we ought to have known that Goodness would only go after what was rightfully his, took exactly that, no extra and turn back no string attached. Evilness would not only take extra, he would take all that exist and take a grudge and vengeance against you if you only took what is rightfully yours. Well the Nigerian people have taken what was rightfully theirs in the hands of the corrupts, do we now expect them to just disappear as if they never exist? They most fight back and they are fighting back with all they got, so hard and so dirty, everything in the background is a weapon, no weapon is as lethal as a confuse mind. So distraction and confusion is their game.

We must remember that all good third world countries leader died so soon, assassinations, coups, or terrorism even foreign power invasions, the bad ones govern for ever, until dead. We cannot allow ours this time to follow a similar faith. In 1985 when Buhari was ousted, Nigeria has about 250, 000 army. In 2015 he merely met some 110, 000 army with virtually all region on fire. Should Buhari took an uninform decision, rush in and took the military formations, by now he is nothing but history, just a sorry story of a leader, cheered by all who do not know how to handle crises. Count it, the military are handicapped, all the terrorist are equipped to the teeth, boko haram, cattle rustlers, armed robbers, kidnapers, Fulani herdsmen, Biafrans, avengers, bunkers, communal crisis in Plateau, Nassarawa, Benue and Taraba. My good God, We would all be glad he is gone when they come for the recue, the same cabal would come back and we will all term them as champions and put the escalating crises to a manageable scale. Back to square zero.

Buhari has to be systematic and strategic in his approach, coming on-board, against the call to immediately took the military formation, he let the same people to continue to manage the crisis as it was before, go behind the scene with his trusted military men, deploy them to Chad, under the MNJTF, a body that only reports to the president and totally blacking out the military heads from the ongoing. With DSS and Some customs officials, these was made successful to make the necessary procurements, with this he took the formation acting from outside and avoiding a major catastrophic but these took about five months strategizing and implementing otherwise, Muhammad Morsi of Egypt faith would have been Buhari’s too. This is strategic, from a well visionary leader. With that the avengers took action but because the administration was acting from an informed position, their actions does not deterred the administration from doing the needful of effectively utilising its limited moralised security personnel in curving all threats and gradually phasing them out. Coming this December six thousand men are joining the army ranks, these have been the tradition since the administration come to life, every six months. The Nigerian Military School were giving the greenlight that all of its graduates henceforth are military personnel, plus the recently commissioned men at the defence academy, Kaduna. The police recruitment has been facing hiccup here and there but the police was also given the green light by the presidency that the 10,000 recruitment is a continuous process. Other security agencies are also employing in mass to match their strength demands.

Iraq is in crisis not because the Iraqis wanted to be, Syria is in crisis is not because the Syrians wish to be too, there was a stalemate in Syria because the superpowers of US and Russia where in locked horn. So does Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, they are in trouble because some capitalist want something in their country. Oil tops the list of such demand. So long as you cannot secure yourself, then security can never be bought, unless you pledge to be a good slave that ensured all thy labour to the master. So long as they want something, the ends justify the means. In other words, your life, my live and that of our love ones, the ends would always justify them. We must be careful and thank God almighty for a gift of entrusting our country in the hands that we can all trust or at least a hand we all believe is, and would always remain clean. Let us pray that God lead these hand to deliverance so that we can all see the promise land of our dreams.

Finally, the new world other is real, it is a tool for globalisation and globalisation is a eugenics agenda, eugenics are capitalists. Capitalism wants to own the world, if they do; we Africans and many around the world are just infidels. The Georgia Guidestones are real, Depopulating the world to a manageable scale of more than 90 % is not a jock. The agenda has set itself rolling, wakeup.  We Africans, we have to be careful, naivety cannot save us; we must rely on ourselves to survive through the trending power rush of this political era. Remember Obama’s inaugural speech “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we have set. We have got to have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong…” just ask your conscious, where is this civilian force?

Written by Ibrahim Sulieman Bomoi (08034727094)