Tumeric, also known as hildi in indian and kurkum in hausa is a spice with multiple uses.it is the main ingredient of “curry”.it is effective for the treatment of acne due to its antiseptic properties. Tumeric is used in innumerable ways from generations to generations.Tumeric is known to have many antioxidants as well as bacterial properties, giving you amazing benefits for your skin, hair and health.

1. Anti-aging: Tumeric provides great relief to aging skin, haldi paste and haldi powder for many years have been a part of beauty regime Mix tumeric with honey and raw milk to make a paste, apply generously on the face and body and then wait till it dries off. Rinse with Luke warm water.

2. Lighten pigmentation: if you have pigmentation and discolorations, tumeric will surely help and also even out skin tone. Mist tumeric with lemon and raw milk to make a paste. Apply on affected area. Rinse with water.

3. Lighten stretch marks: Tumeric can help lighten stretch marks. Make a mixture of tumeric, rawmilk, rOse water, and yoghurt. This will help lighten and even out skin tone. Apply daily till result is achieved.

4.Dry skin: Tumeric is also good for those with dry skin. Take one agg and mix with 2-3 drops on rose water, olive oil and fresh lemon juice. Apply on face, wash off after 15 minutes.

5.Tumeric face mask: There are different ways to make a tumeric face mask, this one actually worked for me. Mix tumeric, honey and lemon juice to form a paste. Apply on your face and leave for 15minutes. Rinse with water.

N:B Tumeric stains and don’t usually come off.make sure it doesn’t touches your cloth. Use an old damp cloth instead. 

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