Fashion trends come and go but rock solid-basics are the foundation of every lady’s stylish closet. Why “Essentials”? This is because that can be used to build a wardrobe and can be worn over and over as new trends come and go, Here are top 10 essentials every lady should own.

1.A Denim jacket: This is pretty much a girls best friend. Throw a denim jacket over everything. Trends come and go but a good denim last a long time even as style evolves.

2.Plain white T-shirt: A plain t-shirt can be simple and stylish depending on how you wear it. Its perfect for layering under a cardigan or a blazer or can be rocked independently. Pair with a stylish yet comfy jeans.

3. Blazers: A well fitted blazer is always instyle and can be rocked in different ways, from causual to meetings, to office and even night out with Friends.

4. Leggings: leggings are for days jeans ain’t cut for, be sure to pair with an oversized T-shirt or shirtdress.

5. Statement necklaces: This type are sure to complete the look. The statement necklace can make a simple dress look strong and feminine.

6. Headwraps/Scarfs: Even of you are wearing a basic tshirt or dress, scarfs are sure to complete the look and can be worn as veils, turbans or around the neck.

7.Black dress: Every woman  known she should have a black dress (long or short). But it is important to invest in one that is special. Look for one with details and interesting sleeves, but remember that finding the right fit is important.

8. A pair of jean: Find a brand of jean that fits you well and then stock up with different styles. Can be worn in different ways and more than once too. ( no one will notice. Lol).

9.White bottom down: Yes, the white bottom down, so classic and chic, you can never go wrong wearing it. It never fails to impress. From meetings to casuals, pair with a neck piece to bring versatility and personality to your shirt.

10. Skirts: skirts comes in diffrent cuts and sizes, they are comfy yet so chic. Can be worn in different ways and to different occasion.