Rahama Ibrahim Sadau is a Hausa actress born on the 17th of December 1993 in Kaduna, Nigeria. She won the Best Actress (Kannywood) award at the City People Award 2014. She is often referred to as “Priyanka”. She has recently debuted to Nigeria’s Nollywood Industry which she feels “has been amazing and has opened so many new doors for me.” Won Best African Actress at the 19th African Film Awards by African Voice – Britain’s No.1 African Newspaper. She studied Business Administration at Kaduna Polytechnic and joined the Hausa movie industry (Kannywood) in 2013.

Speaks Hindi fluently. Played a few minor roles before gaining fame from her appearance in “Gani ga Wane” alongside Ali Nuhu.

In addition to acting in films, Rahama participates in charity work and most recently visited an IDP camp in Wasa, Abuja, Nigeria that was organized by the charitable initiative Ray of Hope. She also participated in the 2015 Cancer day Walk organized by Medicaid. She is exploring possibilities to use her fame for a good cause hopes to pursue various causes such as girl education, women empowerment and women’s rights. She is interested in women’s issues, including safety and gender equality.