Dry, Ashy, Whitish, dull, unattractive and many more

describes what obtains during the harmattan season.

Harmattan is a very harsh time of the month and now that it

is here, we have to ensure a body care regimen that will

make us absolutely stunning no matter what.
Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize
It is absolutely necessary to always moisturize the skin,

whether during harmattan or not. Moisture keeps the skin

going; it nourishes it, makes it supple and helps retain its

elasticity. During the harmattan season, the weather is

harsher- you skin dries up as often as possible- which

requires you to always use a moisturizer often, you should

always carry one around with you as well. Make sure to

choose one that deeply moisturizes without being greasy.

Ensure it has an SPF of at least 15 or 20
A light liquid foundation should be worn in moderation

during harmattan, try as much as possible to use

foundation of very good quality. Preferably, use one that

includes sun protection. An illuminating or bronzing powder

could work as well.
If you wear your foundation light during this period, you can

apply a concealer on your foundation, this covers

imperfections. This also keeps you from applying too much

product while you achieve a perfect coverage.

There are other factors you should consider as well:

Always remove dirt and oil with a mild cleanser, careful to

avoid those with alcohol as they tend to dry out your skin

during harmattan season.

Always moisturize using a light body butter post shower,

this helps to lock in moisture ensuing your skin does not dry

out. Use a non-greasy but deeply moisturizing lotion.

A good body scrub is equally good, it helps to clear your

skin tone and helps with blood circulation.

Enjoy “your fabulously smooth and sleek” harmattan